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How to make a delicious authentic salad for your entire family to eat

22 Jul

Here I’ll show you a fast and easy delicious dish to cook for your family . Something new for them or you  to try !

This recipe is called the Brocolli , Bacon and Chashew Salad .
The ingredients you need for this dish are :

  •  1 brocolli
  •  3 rashes of bacon , fat removed
  • diced a half cup of toasted cashews
  •  1 table spoon of oil.

Now after you have these ingredients , boil the broccoli in water on high hear for 5
to 7 minutes or until tender and cooked through . Remove water and place the broccoli in a large serving bowl . Cook the bacon you have processed in a frying pan for 4 to 5 minutes or until crispy . After the bacon has been crisp remove the bacon from the pan and place it into the serving bowl along with the broccoli and cashews . Try to Mix them well .

And there you have a delicious authentic salad for your family to eat !

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