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How to be good at playing piano

22 Jul

Playing the piano could sometimes get difficult such as placing your finger on the wrong key or forgeting what note that’s suppose to be . I could share this experience too because I was once that person who can’t play piano that well . Today I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that will make you a better piano player .
First off , when you play the piano make sure you have your fingers on the correct keys . You have 5 fingers and each finger has it’s own job to press down on .There are 3 major fingers you need to keep track on and that you be your thumb , middle , and pinky . Your thumb should be on c , your middle finger should be on f ,
while your pinky should be on g sharp . With these 3 major fingers having a job of their own you should be able to co-ordinate the fingers to the right keys. Remember it takes practice , of course your fingers aren’t going to get used to this kind of position , but if you practice it long enough , like about 3 times a day , it should turn into a habit and you should do fine .
Second , after you have mastered your fingers zoom out and now you have 2 hands to take control of . When playing a key song , your left hand plays the background , while your right hand plays the melody . Each hand should know each other’s co-ordination .For that to happen you need to do some excercises with your hands and
make your brain more comfortable with 2 fingers moving at the same time. Now to do this , hold your hands up .Move your fingers around. First wiggle the same type of finger on both hands , then wiggle different types of fingers you intend to on your hands .Don’t do it randomly because it won’t help you much. For example you intend to wiggle your middle finger on your left and your pinky on your right at the same time, and you should be able to do it less than a second without moving any other fingers other than the middle on the left and the pinky on the right.
Third, you would need to get your beats right . Every song has a perfect beat to it . To do this you would need to either buy a
metronome or play a perfect beat inside of your head which seems difficult to do as you are already focused on locating your fingers around the keys of the piano. If you have an itouch , ipod , or droid you can try to find a free/cheap app resembling a metronome that could be played while you play your specific melody , after having your brain get used to the beats you should be able to play the song with ease.
Now I hope these 3 tips and techniques will help you at most by a little. Learning how to play the piano can be difficult , but if you want to play it as if it was a breeze you could buy a text book , with a bunch of useful information and exercises or even get a tutor. Theres a book I bought which I think may help you more than I can , it’s called Rocket Piano . I’ll review this book for you and give every little bit of thoughts I have about it to you . The book is expensive , it’s about $40.  It comes with 3 books , begginers ,
intermediate and advance . Interms of helping you achieving the piano skills you would need , I would give it an 8/10 . The books are pretty thick . The Rocket Piano also comes with a metronome software and a few useful software. I guess it’s a good package if it comes with 3 main books , a bunch of other readings , and a few useful software. The book is great and I would recommend it to you . I took a point off of the rating because it just seems expensive for me . Feel free to Check Rocket Piano out if your want to .