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How to study fast and engrave knowledge into your brain

22 Jul

Education about a certain topic could be difficult to learn , especially when you have an exam next week or even tomorrow to study for. You can do something about it , it’s not just you that’s experiencing this problem , almost everyone is.

I’ll give you 3 tips you should take in when studying or learning about a specific topic when studying an exam .

Here’s the first 1 , try to be with the evironment. What I mean is an important learning aspect learning is knowing how to adapt to your environment . There can be alot of things that can interfere with your learning or studying session such as youtube or facebook, you
need to know when to appropriately use these programs , and not get distracted by other components within these sites. If you know that you can’t adapt to the environment you are in right now than move to another place where you think you can learn in , such as
a library or  a living room.

Here’s the second 1 , try to remind yourself of what your prioty and purpose is. Sometimes your brain can get distracted by things , and what you can do with this is by reminding your self of what you need to do instead of giving in .When you are in a distraction mode
try to say what you need to do as amny times as you can until you actually are doing what you need to be doing such as studying .

The third thing is , when trying to study it is good to used 2 of your most important senses ( seeing and hearing) . That means that when you are studying for terms , you should read them out loud so these terms could be at least felt by your ears. Most of the times you would use your eyes and reading the terms within your mind. That is not exceptable when it comes to getting information in your brain in one day.

Now I did some research with this product , I was quite skepticle of it at first but it really helped me get information into my brain faster than I used to remember things and I would like to share them to you. Interms of giving useful information I would rate it a 7.5/10 . But when it comes to giving experience and excercise( activities
you would use to do in elementary) I would give it a 3/10 , although it does include fun cartoons for you to excercise your brain on . For a price of $27 , it not too expensive nor is it too cheap . The good thing about the product is that it gathers a whole lot of information and steps when it comes to studying to improve your grades.
If you like my 3 tips or the book/ program , check out Get Better Grades Now.