How to study fast and engrave knowledge into your brain

22 Jul

Education about a certain topic could be difficult to learn , especially when you have an exam next week or even tomorrow to study for. You can do something about it , it’s not just you that’s experiencing this problem , almost everyone is.

I’ll give you 3 tips you should take in when studying or learning about a specific topic when studying an exam .

Here’s the first 1 , try to be with the evironment. What I mean is an important learning aspect learning is knowing how to adapt to your environment . There can be alot of things that can interfere with your learning or studying session such as youtube or facebook, you
need to know when to appropriately use these programs , and not get distracted by other components within these sites. If you know that you can’t adapt to the environment you are in right now than move to another place where you think you can learn in , such as
a library or  a living room.

Here’s the second 1 , try to remind yourself of what your prioty and purpose is. Sometimes your brain can get distracted by things , and what you can do with this is by reminding your self of what you need to do instead of giving in .When you are in a distraction mode
try to say what you need to do as amny times as you can until you actually are doing what you need to be doing such as studying .

The third thing is , when trying to study it is good to used 2 of your most important senses ( seeing and hearing) . That means that when you are studying for terms , you should read them out loud so these terms could be at least felt by your ears. Most of the times you would use your eyes and reading the terms within your mind. That is not exceptable when it comes to getting information in your brain in one day.

Now I did some research with this product , I was quite skepticle of it at first but it really helped me get information into my brain faster than I used to remember things and I would like to share them to you. Interms of giving useful information I would rate it a 7.5/10 . But when it comes to giving experience and excercise( activities
you would use to do in elementary) I would give it a 3/10 , although it does include fun cartoons for you to excercise your brain on . For a price of $27 , it not too expensive nor is it too cheap . The good thing about the product is that it gathers a whole lot of information and steps when it comes to studying to improve your grades.
If you like my 3 tips or the book/ program , check out Get Better Grades Now.

How to make a delicious authentic salad for your entire family to eat

22 Jul

Here I’ll show you a fast and easy delicious dish to cook for your family . Something new for them or you  to try !

This recipe is called the Brocolli , Bacon and Chashew Salad .
The ingredients you need for this dish are :

  •  1 brocolli
  •  3 rashes of bacon , fat removed
  • diced a half cup of toasted cashews
  •  1 table spoon of oil.

Now after you have these ingredients , boil the broccoli in water on high hear for 5
to 7 minutes or until tender and cooked through . Remove water and place the broccoli in a large serving bowl . Cook the bacon you have processed in a frying pan for 4 to 5 minutes or until crispy . After the bacon has been crisp remove the bacon from the pan and place it into the serving bowl along with the broccoli and cashews . Try to Mix them well .

And there you have a delicious authentic salad for your family to eat !

I’m normally skepticle of products of these sort of products . Just like many other recipe book , the Paleo’s Recipe Book includes a variety of recipes that you can cook for your family or for your self. Unlike many recipe books , the Paleo’s Recipe Book organizes it’s recipe’s , and includes a planner of some sort for many of you healthy eaters to see what you should eat today or tomorrow . The recipe’s from my experience are quite easy to make , and quite delicious and healthy at the same time. Interms of the foods and recipe’s the book provides me , I’d give it an 8/10 . For the difficulty of making the food , I’ll give it a 8.5 out of 10 . Paleo’s recipe 
book has a total of 370 recipes which is quite alot enough to serve you different dishes more than a year . Check out the Paleo’s Recipe Book Here

How to become a game tester

22 Jul

For you gamers out there , look at all the games that’s coming out in 2011 . Modern War-fare 3 , Battlefield 3 , Uncharted 3 , and not to mention Elder Scrolls . You would love to pursue a carreer of testing out those games first hand right?

Testing games sounds like an easy job right ? It actually is not quite easy in my honest opinion unless you have the hobby to find glitches within game. To be a game tester requires lots of thinking. You could ask MapMonkey’s and they would say it’s not quite of an easy job yet it is time consuming. Being a game tester needs creativity . When you see glitchers get out of a map , they seem to go from one place to another with alot of algorithms. Each step is key to finding the glitches within a game.

There’s many gamers out there that would love to stick their hands on to a game testing career.But it’s not easy giving the fact that gamers are growing by millions every day . At a statistical rate game testers are paid more than 50,000 per years for just.

To be accepted in big industries as a game tester you must be able to know what the company is looking for , such as your thought skills and your love for gaming . The great thing is you don’t have to be 18 to get paid to test games you could be 16 and test games for these huge companies . The good thing about game testing is that it’s
growing. Public Beta’s are no longer existing because it takes alot of money to make a public better , that means that there’s a growth for game testing jobs.

When interviewed by a game developer you should look and sound enthusiastic like any other job you are applaying for . Game developers are people like you , they love a social person , but as they are looking at your personality , they will also be looking
for the skills you hold as a game tester and will print out a list of bug reports, and ask you to go over them, tell them which ones might be the same bug, which descriptions aren’t good enough, etc, depending on the interviewer. When testing the game don’t expect it to be playing and judging whether you like it or not , that job is for the public and the media . Your job is to find glitches and bugs within the game and report it to the developer who shall
then fix the bug .

I hope that this information is helpful for you , and I hope that you will use it as a valuable source a take it insite . If you are really pursuing game testing as a carreer that you would like to try out , I recommend getting this book as an official guide to being a game tester. It has 5 parts that will explain and prepare you almost everything about being a game tester . As a reviewer of this product I would give it a 7/10 in preparing you for a game testing career. The price is not too expensive nor is it too cheap . It’s about $40 , but would I suggest you to buy it ? Well we have to look at the terms . If you are definately pursuing a game testing career I suggest you getting this book as a preparation for game testing , but if you still are unsure of what carreer you are going to take for the future , I still think $40 is expensive , and you shouldn’t waste your money countless on something you’re not going to use for long term effects. Check out Become a Game Tester by clicking here.

How to be good at playing piano

22 Jul

Playing the piano could sometimes get difficult such as placing your finger on the wrong key or forgeting what note that’s suppose to be . I could share this experience too because I was once that person who can’t play piano that well . Today I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that will make you a better piano player .
First off , when you play the piano make sure you have your fingers on the correct keys . You have 5 fingers and each finger has it’s own job to press down on .There are 3 major fingers you need to keep track on and that you be your thumb , middle , and pinky . Your thumb should be on c , your middle finger should be on f ,
while your pinky should be on g sharp . With these 3 major fingers having a job of their own you should be able to co-ordinate the fingers to the right keys. Remember it takes practice , of course your fingers aren’t going to get used to this kind of position , but if you practice it long enough , like about 3 times a day , it should turn into a habit and you should do fine .
Second , after you have mastered your fingers zoom out and now you have 2 hands to take control of . When playing a key song , your left hand plays the background , while your right hand plays the melody . Each hand should know each other’s co-ordination .For that to happen you need to do some excercises with your hands and
make your brain more comfortable with 2 fingers moving at the same time. Now to do this , hold your hands up .Move your fingers around. First wiggle the same type of finger on both hands , then wiggle different types of fingers you intend to on your hands .Don’t do it randomly because it won’t help you much. For example you intend to wiggle your middle finger on your left and your pinky on your right at the same time, and you should be able to do it less than a second without moving any other fingers other than the middle on the left and the pinky on the right.
Third, you would need to get your beats right . Every song has a perfect beat to it . To do this you would need to either buy a
metronome or play a perfect beat inside of your head which seems difficult to do as you are already focused on locating your fingers around the keys of the piano. If you have an itouch , ipod , or droid you can try to find a free/cheap app resembling a metronome that could be played while you play your specific melody , after having your brain get used to the beats you should be able to play the song with ease.
Now I hope these 3 tips and techniques will help you at most by a little. Learning how to play the piano can be difficult , but if you want to play it as if it was a breeze you could buy a text book , with a bunch of useful information and exercises or even get a tutor. Theres a book I bought which I think may help you more than I can , it’s called Rocket Piano . I’ll review this book for you and give every little bit of thoughts I have about it to you . The book is expensive , it’s about $40.  It comes with 3 books , begginers ,
intermediate and advance . Interms of helping you achieving the piano skills you would need , I would give it an 8/10 . The books are pretty thick . The Rocket Piano also comes with a metronome software and a few useful software. I guess it’s a good package if it comes with 3 main books , a bunch of other readings , and a few useful software. The book is great and I would recommend it to you . I took a point off of the rating because it just seems expensive for me . Feel free to Check Rocket Piano out if your want to .

The Key to Building a Stable Boat

22 Jul

Building a stable boat can be difficult at times , because you have to take in consideration of the structure
of the boat and what material must the boat be built on. I will show you key techniques and structures you can
use to build your stable boat .

First of all , you need to know the weights of the boat in it’s specific area , for a boat to be stable you would want more weight in the middle of the boat so that it won’t tip off. High Density dead would be the most efficient way to lower the center of gravity . Make sure the weight between all side of the boat is equal to eachother so there won’t be a problem in balance . The boat needs to way atleast more than the twice the weight of yours so that when you sit on the boat it won’t feel uncomfortable or off balanced .

Second of all , make sure the boat is not too skinney if you want it to be stable . Sure a square boat won’t go as fast as the skinny boat , but hey , I’m trying to give you some tips on how to build a stable boat .

Third , You would want to make sure you boat is covered with a covering that doesn’t let the material of the boat absorb as much water as it should be(unless it’s steel or someother material than wood) .

Here’s some boat plans that could help you build a stable unique boat , there are tons of plans . I’m usually judgemental on these types of products. If your hobby is building boats , I suggest you to check this package of boat plans out . But because I like to review stuff, I’m going to review the boat plans. Lets start out with the price of this boat plan package .The boat plan package is $49  , about 11 dollars less than a new video game , but it’s still an expensive price for me . But if you have a hobby of building anykind of boat you want from jetskis to canoes , I highly suggest you to check it out . If you feel confident in your self to design your own unique boat , then don’t buy it and save yourself $50. The boat plan comes with more


than about 200 boat plans , a 3d boat designer software , and 3 other bonus including the boatbuilder’s handbook for newbies . For a boat plan I would rate this product a 9/10 for the amount of stuff that comes with it , but 7.5 out of 10 when it comes to showing you how to build the boat , it could of been more specific like a cook , but hey it’s a boat plan . If you want to check the Boat Plan out Feel free to click this link .

How to make your computer a slight bit faster than it was before!

22 Jul

Sometimes computers can be a pain in the a** . It freezes up on you when you never expected and it slows down when you are trying to do high priority work . Well there’s a way to fix your computer and make it a bit faster than it was before.

When cleaning up computers you need to know what you need and what you don’t need . It’s called organization. Try to organize all of your files into folders. This allows your program to locate through your computer at ease , which is a good thing . If you don’t know how to make a new fold right click with your mouse , highlight new and click on folder.Now to lable these folders , right click and click on rename.

Another way to have your computer process a system faster is to go on the start menu , click on accessories , then go to system tools and click on System Defragmenter . System Defragmentor is a free software that comes with your computer that allows the program to clean and reorganize your system up a little bit so it can run a little bit faster . In the system tools folder there is also another program that cleans your disk for you. The program is called disk cleaner .Disk Cleaners finds the files that seems unnecessary such as cookies and internet history , and allows you the option to delete them or keep them .
Extra Hint: You can also hitting ctrl+shift+Esc to bring up Window’s Task Manager . Once the window opens ,click on Processes , find the name of the program you are working on such as Google Chrome , right click it , highlight set priority , and click on Real Time . This allows the computer to allow the program to work faster and more smooth than before , by using most of your computer’s resources .

If all else fails , just try to restore your computer.

Or You could try a software that I have personally downloaded. It’s called registery easy cleaner . The Registery easy cleaner can be very helpful at times and it’s free . It scans and fixes errors that your computer may have been experiencing . When it comes to repairs , the Registery Easy Cleaner allows more than 1 type of repair for your computer . As a free product , I would give it an 8/10 , and would reccomend you to download it . 2 points for the 10was that because the program can take a while to fix your computer . Hopefully the new would be faster and less time consuming , but hey you can still work on your computer while the program is repairing your computer, so that’s a good thing .  Feel free to check out the registry easy cleaner.